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Utilizing ingredients that would go to waste

Pesia's Community Hubs

Limited space restricts Israeli food relief efforts. Pesia's Tel Aviv hubs bridge the gap, offering large-scale storage and distribution. Pesia's Kitchen empowers small Israeli food banks by spreading its three Community hubs. These hubs handle large deliveries and collaborate with Leket, maximizing food rescue and distribution.

Volunteers Packing Food

Food Rescued and Distributed Weekly

With our three hubs, we at Pesia’s Kitchen work with our network of partners to ensure nutritious food reaches those who need it most in the greater Tel Aviv metro area.


Jesse Cohen, Holon


Ben Zvi, Tel Aviv


Ajami, Yaffo

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Meals Yearly


Families Supported Yearly


Dedicated Volunteers

Ben Zvi
South Tel Aviv Hub

This established hub, founded in 2016, tackles food insecurity by rescuing leftover food and fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste. Partnering with supermarkets, restaurants, and Leket, Israel's leading food bank, Pesia ensures nutritious food reaches those who need it most.

Food Rescued

Over 12,692 Pounds of food are rescued weekly from supermarkets, bakeries, and more.

NGOs Supported

20+ small NGOs receive food deliveries each week.

Homebound Served

Deliveries to homebound individuals with disabilities and low-income elderly residents

Jesse Cohen
Holon Hub

Founded in 2020, the Jesse Cohen Holon Hub serves a vital role in addressing food insecurity within a disadvantaged neighborhood. Partnering with the Holon Department of Social Services, the hub offers essential support to community members through weekly deliveries from supermarkets, bakeries, and Leket.


50-100 volunteers contribute weekly.


Serves 300 residents, primarily elderly.

Additional Support

Provides sandwiches for schoolchildren.


Yaffo Hub

Located within Hatzmicha, a local Arab-Israeli NGO, the Yafo Hub provides vital food assistance to the Ajami community. This hub, established in 2021, fosters strong connections with residents, offering a variety of social services alongside essential food support with the help of dedicated volunteers to assemble food packages.

Families Served

Provides food for 300 families (over 1,000 individuals).

Homebound Support

Delivers food packages to 50 homebound individuals.

Community Focus

Serves a diverse community of 3,000 people.

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