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At Pesia's Kitchen, we draw inspiration from the remarkable legacy of our grandmother, "Safta Pesia." 
She was known for her compassionate nature and dedicated efforts to feed the impoverished and needy in her community of Vologyn, a village in old Poland. We carry forward her spirit by fighting hunger in our local community.
Pesia's Kitchen is a registered NGO and non-profit foundation (Amuta) that operates a unique model of a local Food Bank and Food Rescue program. Located in South Tel-Aviv, we are a grassroots volunteer organization supported by hundreds of dedicated volunteers. Through our efforts, we collect and distribute over one thousand tons of fresh produce, cooked food, and baked goods annually. This streamlined and cost-effective approach allows us to provide over two million meals each year to thousands of families, at a cost 0.10 cents per meal.
Our Impact
Our success is attributed to our dedicated volunteers and ongoing partnerships with local NGOs. By collaborating with over thirty welfare organizations, we extend our reach and support these organizations in alleviating the financial burden of feeding their communities. Our partner agencies include homeless and battered women shelters, asylum-seeking families, refugee children's kindergartens, daycare centers, and low-cost housing for the elderly and Holocaust survivors. We operate under the guidance and supervision of Leket Israel, the national Food Bank, ensuring strict adherence to health and safety protocols.
We are grateful for the support of our major food donors, including Leket Israel, Google Corp., Waze, Israel Electric Co., the Police Department, IDF army bases in Tel-Aviv-Yafo, catering firms, major bakery chains, and local supermarkets.

Our organization is making significant strides in addressing food waste, food rescue, and food insecurity through the EAT Community Hubs and EAT School Program. By partnering with community organizations and schools, we are able to rescue and distribute large quantities of food at an extremely low cost per meal while also empowering individuals and creating positive social and environmental impacts.
Our Mission
At Pesia's Kitchen, our mission is to fight hunger in Israel by rescuing surplus food and distributing it to the people who need it most. We are committed to addressing the pressing issue of food insecurity, particularly among vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly. It is disheartening that nearly 20% of Israelis experience food insecurity while 37% of edible food goes to waste each year. We aim to bridge this gap and ensure that no one goes hungry.
Our Vision
Our vision is to eradicate hunger in Israel by establishing additional EAT hubs throughout the country. These hubs will enable us to rescue and deliver a total of ten thousand tons of rescued and surplus produce, equivalent to twenty million meals per year. Our goal is to achieve this while maintaining an operating cost of $0.10 cents. #dime We firmly believe that food rescue can be accomplished at an exceptionally low cost, and this approach is crucial in our mission to end hunger in the community.
By expanding our reach and establishing more hubs, we aim to provide sustainable solutions to the pervasive issue of food insecurity. 
We envision a future where surplus food is efficiently distributed to those in need, ensuring that every person in Israel has access to nutritious food.
Join us in our mission to make hunger a thing of the past. Together, we can create a society where no one goes to bed hungry and where surplus food is put to good use, benefiting the most vulnerable members of our community.
Let's make a difference in the lives of those facing hunger and food insecurity.

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